Monday, 6 March 2017

My Very First Post

I've thought about starting this blog for about a couple of years now, but the setting up has frustrated the life out of me (I'm not exactly known for my patience) and I've left it after a few attempts. I think I might have another two blog addresses out there in cyber space somewhere - but I will never remember them now! Anyway, this is the real one, the one I have finally got up and running - so here we go!

I think most of my posts will be current and talk about what's been happening in my life, that day or week. But to get started, I kind of feel like I need to bring people up to speed with where I'm at, like a mini synopsis of my life to date! I'm just writing this as I go, so bare with me please! I'm used to writing on facebook, and using my emoticons, so I need to figure out how to get some of that across without the sideways punctuation ;)

Ok so I'm married to Nick, who is a fellow blogger (except he's been doing it for years now) and also a writer and editor. We have been married for almost 11 years, and have our three girls (Hannah and Emma are two of my children from my first marriage) and Eve. The single most significant thing I have to share with you is that we lost our son Andrew to sudden death in November 2013. Andrew's nickname was Superstar, and I use his name in everything I do - in his memory, to inspire me, and because its a name that connects all areas of my life. I talk about Andrew ALL THE TIME, so you will definitely get to know much more about him. 

I am an official crazy dog lady, and we currently have five rescue dogs - Pippa, Rudi, Tobi, Charlie and Benji. I say currently, because dog rescue has become my passion, and I know as long as I am physically able, I will continue to adopt...we have a plan to move to Spain in the next couple of years (after Emma has finished her hairdressing apprenticeship) where the animal welfare situation is absolutely dire. Meantime, I fundraise using my Scentsy business and help find homes for the dogs rescued by my friend Pauline Wright.

Another couple of topics I will probably talk about quite a lot, are mental health and weight loss, both issues I have ongoing struggles with. So, that's probably enough for My Very First Post - looking forward to seeing where this blogging journey might take me :)